Welcome at Magora Group

Our values

One principle of the Magora group is to be an attractive employer at the „Waldviertel“. This principle manifests in a responsible and social personnel policy. We endeavour to offer an environment, where people feel good and can develop. Meaningful and challenging tasks give many opportunities to celebrate successes.

Social commitment

The Magora Group GmbH considers itself as an inherent part in the region and, besides the creation of workplaces, it´s an important request of the company to support socially disadvantaged groups as well as regional networks. Inter alia social institutions like day centers without public funding are subsidized as well as free services for local associations.


The internet offers almost an unlimited number of possibilities. The Magora group has commited itself to take this options and ideas on board and to create global solutions from the company location at the „Waldviertel“ in lower Austria. This combination of regional solidarity amd an international field of vision is the special feature of a technology company.