Our mission

Master speed of technology

Virtual life has brought forth many big and small ideas and new possibilities for its users. There is still an almost unlimited number of ideas waiting to be invented, implemented and perfected. We want to think up, develop and successfully implement as many ideas as possible in this field.

In order to give you a first impression of our broad spectrum of activities and fields of interest, you will find an overview below.


Smart Automation

Computers are for recurring things

Artificial Intelligence

Exploring artificial intelligence and its limits.

Data Connect

Connecting data cleverly and transparently.

Workflows & Triggers

Automatic evaluation of data states & options for action

Creative workflows

People are creative and tell machines what to do


Building and living automated processes for people.

Creativity without limits

Connection of man and machine in one casting.

Thinking instead of just reacting

More time for creativity instead of day-to-day business

An insight

turned-on MacBook

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a supported sales method through the Internet. With our unique affiliate marketing software and our 15,000 sales partners worldwide, we sell products precisely to interested customers. The sales costs are mapped here in classic models such as pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per revshare and lifetime revshare.​

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Agile Software Development

​Agile methods take an indirect approach, which consists of deploying the new system as early as possible, thus reviewing the business goals to benefit immediately and along the way adapting the software exactly to the needs of the market and our customers' businesses. We love and live agile software development and the successes it enables our customers to achieve, for which they do not have to wait years.

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Big Data Management

The more data the better. Often companies hoard a lot of data, but in everyday life this data no longer leads to better decisions, or even to a worse overview of current business events. We specialize in making huge amounts of data completely transparent and usable for our customers, easily and in fractions of a second. By using the latest technologies and understanding the needs of our customers, we thus create better decision-making bases and automated processes that save unnecessary costs and thus sustainably improve the bottom line.​

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Cloud Services

Unused computing power that eats up money every month even though it is not needed, expensive server purchases, short-term peak utilization and many other issues are those that have enabled the growth of cloud computing in recent years. Thousands of our systems have been in the cloud since 2007 and we know exactly where and how our customers can improve their performance and save money in the process. We're happy to help turn the move to the cloud into a folk festival.​

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Social Communities

We like to bring people together and have over 20 years of experience in building community systems with over 20 million users. Whether it's regional communities or thematic groups including all the necessary processes to enable communication and exchange between people, we combine cutting-edge technologies to give the community a better and more enjoyable experience every minute of the day.​

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Content Management

I'm sure we have a picture of it, but where? It could take hours to find it! With over 400 terabytes of content stored in our systems for our customers, we have developed solutions to make it available quickly and in any form for any device, as well as to make administration and use easy for our customers.

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Customer Care

We run an internal call center, which accepts all requests, suggestions and inquiries from our customers via chat, e-mail, fax or telephone. It is a personal concern of ours that all customers are looked after in a professional and friendly manner, no matter what the matter may be.

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Display Marketing

The management of advertisements by means of banners and text on the Internet is already a business that has existed for over 15 years. However, only a few companies are up to the challenges of today - to place their ads as targeted as possible, as efficient as possible and furthermore as cheap as possible. Adblockers and many other issues make display marketing a real challenge that we like to tackle and solve with our clients.

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Domain Management

Switch, ICANN) können wir Anforderungen rund um Domains unserer Kunden jederzeit und weltweit zum kostengünstigsten Preis realisieren und unterstützen bei allen weiteren Bedürfnissen rund um ihr Grundstück im Internet.

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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the #1 direct marketing tool. It is extremely cost effective and it can be used to convert people with no interest in buying into prospects, to convert prospects into customers and to encourage individual buyers to make regular purchases. We provide our clients with the necessary software, the right media, and moreover, the right customer contacts to immediately and easily use email marketing for targeted sales growth.

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Lead Generation

The right customer contact makes all the difference. With more than 30 million customer contacts generated for our clients in all marketing channels (email, social, display), we look back on a long experience in the process of customer acquisition. We understand how to find the right lead generation process for our clients' products and ensure that these leads are also converted into sustainable sales. In addition to the necessary tools, we also offer a fully managed lead generation process (including customer database with targeted trigger actions for each target group).

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Payment Services

We are happy to take care of providing all the services needed to process online payment methods. Our personal concern is to provide our customers with reliability and security, without losing sight of the ease of use.

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Media Buying

Online advertising buying today is like the stock market. Important decisions can no longer be made by hand to get the best possible price for the desired action. Machines make better and faster decisions, in this flood of options available every minute, to reach your target audience as accurately and cheaply as possible. We understand the use of these tools and help our clients to optimize their media buying budget and reduce their acquisition costs permanently.

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Local Marketing

Regional markets offer incredible growth opportunities for small and medium sized businesses, as well as great potential for cost savings with the right use of new media technologies. We understand these opportunities and support regional companies in implementing this know-how and thus create sustainable growth for our customers.

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On average, 98% of visitors leave websites without making the desired purchase. With the help of retargeting, these visitors can be brought back to the website and converted into paying customers. Retargeting has turned the marketing world into a new playground. We know how to use this technology correctly and provide our customers with all the necessary tools and processes, as well as all media services from a single source, in order to reduce the costs of customer acquisition in a fun and sustainable way.

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Social Media

Hardly anyone has not heard or read about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. This is where active life on the Internet takes place, and this is also where almost all the target groups that need to be reached can be found. We know about the handling of these media and support our customers to reach their goals in this environment easily and provide the necessary tools and know-how..

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Computers are there to relieve us humans and do things for us that are simply unnecessary. Despite this fact, we see again and again how many people have to do things in companies day after day that are not necessary. We have been working for many years to change this situation for our customers and to create more creativity, which leads to a better result and more joy for our customers and their employees.

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Our company uses AI technology for software automation. By combining AI methods such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, we can automate complex processes and increase efficiency. We provide customized solutions for your business needs. Contact us to learn more.


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